After A Twisted Fashion
Highbloods > Midbloods > Lowbloods > Humans

This is an Alternate Universe that holds Bloodswaps and Speciesswaps. It’s currently a WIP idea (some characterizations aren’t finalized, details and names and the like) but I’ve begun to art them and work more on them in order to feel better.

So I introduce to you….

Karkat Peixes and Tavros Ampora.

Yes I actually run an RP account for this, controlling Karkat Peixes. I plan to write it up as a fanfic, maybe, or if people are interested they can take control of one of the characters (the many characters) and join me in crafting this wonderful AU.

I’m currently working on revamping my RP account for Karkat to let it make better sense. Alongside getting my life in order but eh.

For descriptions of these two luggnets feel free to drop by here. If you wish to potentially actually maybe join into this as an RP game/group of some sorts, drop me a message with the character you are interested in, and I’ll share all the deets on them that I’ve got, and we can run a test RP. ;p